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Welcome to the Latest News page.


Since the last update we've added the new pages to the Local Info and Services section to cover information relevant to your area such as:



Also since the last update we have reached 44,749 total users with the Prevent Suicide app and website. Remember you are not alone and all these people have been affected too. For more stats click here


We've also added upcoming events in August and September


If you need help now head to our Urgent Help page or you can find local services in your area here.



Man Chat Reaches 12k Followers


Man Chat, a weekly anonymous group for men of all ages and ethnicities, has reached over 12000 followers in just 5 weeks. Launching in June the support group has already supported hundreds of men locally and has recently announced yoga classes, a cycling groups as well as walking and yoga clubs, all of which are open to all.


For more details, the location of their next meetings and events see their Facebook page or message them directly:


Facebook: click here

Instant message: click here

Email: manchatabz@gmail.com